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About GreenEarth

"GreenEarth"  is a clear, odorless, non-toxic liquid that pretty much looks like water, but it has characteristics of an organic solvent. Chemically known as  decamethylpentacyclosiloxane, or D5, it has been patented as a drycleaning solvent with highly desirable performance characteristics for all types olf fabrics. 

Apart from being harmless to humans and the environment, "GreenEarth" is a better drycleaning solvent than the traditional "perc" because:

  • It is less aggresive on colors (dyes) and fabric texture, and virtually non-destructive to sequins and plastics, including buttons
  • In contrast to "perc" it does not appreciably darken the whites, primarily because it accumulates less process by-product residues called "fatty acids"
  • Fabrics cleaned with "GreenEarth" have a distinctly soft feel and are completely odorless
  • "GreenEarth" cleans suede and leather


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