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In contrast to most commercial laundry establishments, our shirt laundry process uses  a ready-made  detergent  with
balanced pH, where there is no need to neutralize an aggressive alkaline soap with boric acid (known as "sour"). We firmly believe that dyes, including color stripes on shirts, will have prolonged longevity when 1-step balanced (neutralized) detergents are used, rather than the 2-step (alkaline followed by "sour") chemicals, a method widely used by the competition.

Wet shirts are pressed by boiling water out of the fabric. Our robotic shirt press system by a Japanese  manufacturer Sankosha represents the latest "tensioning equipment"
technology, in which wet shirts come in contact with super-heated pressurized air as well as with stainless steel plates, pressing and drying the fabric to a high quality product.

Our shirt laundry service includes a free button check-up and pre-treatment for stains whenever possible.

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