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Personal Cleaners And Tailors
Highest Standards In Ecological Drycleaning And Tailoring
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Personal Cleaners And Tailors
is a family business established in May 1988 by a "just-married" couple from Lexington, MA. Over the next 25-plus years Personal Cleaners And Tailors have grown to become Lexington's landmark and one of the most reputable drycleaners in Massachusetts.

While the company's policy has always been to remain small for quality reasons, the family has expanded over the years by 4 children, now mostly all grown up, that used to help us
in our shop while in school. We take this opportunity to affectionately thank our old-time customers for seeing our children grow from a sizable flock of babys to now college students and beyond, and say that this would not be possible without your loyal patronage and support. We sincerely thank you for that.

Yours very truly,

and Misuk

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